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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Candy or Medicine Vol. 9 and Collections Out Now.

Candy or Medicine Volume Nine is out now. Sixteen quarter-sized pages of more mini-comic madness featuring the likes of daring Daniel McEwen, captivating Cameron Callahan, west coast sensation Alex Chiu, robot
bunnies from Joseph Carlough, the mighty mighty Maggie Morrill, an
inspiring tale by Sean Steward, anthropomorphic breakfast food by Danny
Ferbert and Sarah Bunker and an abstract comic by Tyler Stafford. Plus
a radical cover by jovial Jonny Smeby. All ages.

Order at http://www.candyormedicine.com or http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.


And another new one: Collections is a collection (pun intended) of comics conceived while I worked as a bill collector. Includes a special "Bill Collector Bingo" game and a back cover illustration by JB Sapienza. Eight quarter-sized
pages. Order at http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

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