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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zervakis, Jenny

via Optical Sloth by Whitey on 3/26/10

Website where you can buy her new (as of 2010) comic

Where you can buy #14 1/2

Online comic


1305 Green St. Durham, NC 27705

Super Growths: Strange Growths Sampler #1-6

Every once in a while I hit one of these nostalgic old mini comic reviews at the right time: John Porcellino (yes, THAT John Porcellino) is distributing Jenny's first new issue of Strange Growths in 6 years (#15).  That's great, as this is another mini from 1993 and it had me wondering if it was a complete waste of time to list it.  The good news is that I also found a place to buy another issue from her online (links to both are above) so, while it's not necessarily convenient and it wouldn't hurt to have more comics available, at least you can buy a few of her books easily.  This is a sampler of her older comics, so the art is a little rough on occasion, but the genuine heart in these stories more than makes up for it.  Pieces in here include getting a growth removed from the face of her brother (twice, and it just occurred to me that that may be where the name for the mini came from), inflamed balls on the bus, changing seasons, dealing with self-help, learning (and dealing out) cruelty at an early age, getting hit on by morons, the story of their old dog, somebody selling double yolk eggs door to door, trying to remember the name of a very odd food item, the artificial water flower, the upkeep of gardens, a restaurant conversation, a comet and how it ruined the world for a young boy, a true monster, and one longer piece that is too beautiful for me to even say anything about it.  Take that as a cop-out if you'd like.  Like I said, this sure seems out of print to me.  Maybe you could have a little more luck in your digging, but all I could find were the two issues…

Strange Growths #14 1/2

I'm always amazed when I read a comic from somebody like Jenny (who I've been reading for years) and see that they don't have a page on my website. It's completely because I haven't seen anything new from her for years, and I don't even know if this is new, but you can still get it at USSCatastrophe, so I guess that makes it still viable. She's one of those people that I just ate up back in the day, completely taken by the sheer beauty of the prose. In other words, if you find yourself in a place where you can get a bunch of her old minis, for the love of all that's holy do it. This one is a shortie with dreams she had while pregnant. Fascinating stuff, and it's too short for me to ruin it by telling you what it's about. Which is sort of a cop-out, I guess, but if you already know who this is and didn't know this issue was out you won't need much convincing. $1.50

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