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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Your Doctor in Mail Art


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Your Doctor in Mail Art

How do you see your doctor?

Is he/she a good help to you and do you feel blessed by having this good health care giver? Or are you afraid, angry and/or distrusting whenever you visit your doctor? Or is he/she invisible to you as until now you didn't need any medical care at all? How would you translate your thoughts, vision, feelings, opinion about him or her into Mail Art?

For an online exhibition I'm looking for mail art which shows your doctor. A portrait, a situation, special things or whatever is welcomed, as long as it's clear that he/she is Your Doctor! All media are okay, preferable on postcard size (10x15 cms), maximum A4 (about 20x30 cms).

All entries will be published on http://yourdoctorinmailart.blogspot.com .
A selection of the mail art also will be part of an exhibition in a location where doctors have access to, probably in October 2010. For this exhibition the deadline is August 17th 2010.

See for further information http://yourdoctorinmailart.blogspot.com .

You can send your work to:

My Doctor in Mail Art
Postbus 581
1180 AN Amstelveen
the Netherlands


Things you can do from here:


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