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Friday, April 23, 2010

the burly man blusteringly explains

i found this old excerpt... thought it was funny.
Day Two's more subdued, at least until Angelz & Rebelz editor Jack Csiki pisses off the anti-copyright seminar by spewing, "If someone sends me a letter, I'll print it. It doesn't matter if it's personal; they know I do a zine. I don't give a fuck about the ethics; I just want to know if I can get sued." Later, in the selling area, the burly man blusteringly explains his logic: "This is my life. If you tell me a secret, I might print it. Tough shit. Cause it's part of my psyche once you tell me. And it makes for much more interesting reading."
Marc Spiegler's notes from the 1995 Chicago Underground Press Conference

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