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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cinema Sewer #20

Cinema Sewer #20 edited by Robin Bougie

$4.00US, 44 pages, standard comic book size, www.cinemasewer.com mindseye100@hotmail.com

This one wasn’t easy for me to review. Every time I picked it up to get started the amount of content knocked me out. I like to read a comic or zine in one sitting so it's all fresh, and every time I flipped this one open I thought, Fuck. This is gonna take two hours! Well, at last I sat down and ploughed through it, and it did indeed take two hours, or more, because I kept jumping up to check something from it on the internet.

This issue is jam packed with good stuff:

+The story of porn star turned white supremacist Bianca Trump.

+An incredible expose of The Adventures Of Milo And Otis, a 1989 Columbia Pictures movie targeted at kids but including real scenes of animals being abominably treated (throwing cat after cat from a cliff into a fast-flowing stream until one survives so the filmmakers can use the shot, for example).

+An in-depth report on grungy Vancouver porn theatres the Venus and the Fox. This piece really gets into details, even describing the rules for cruising at the Fox Theatre. Also hilarious anecdotes like the one about a sleazy old regular who forgot to put his dick back in his pants when he walked outside.

There's a great piece on the 1982 movie Vice Squad (brutal exploitation cop movie) including an interview with Gary Sherman, the director. Bougie gets some great anecdotes out of Sherman, like the one about Martin Scorsese almost coming to blows with another film dude after the screening because Scorsese loved it and the other hated it.

There's also an awesome review of Evel Knievel movie Viva Knievel. This is really great, done in comics form by Ted Dave. The movie sounds so bad it's good, and Evel Knievel comes off as a big jerk. Some hilarious lines too like when Evel takes a big box of toys to orphanage kids but gets scolded by the head nun for waking the orphans, so Evel charms her by giving her a box of fudge:

Nun: You're wicked! You know I'll get fat.

Knievel: Nobody will notice.


Reviewer Stuart Stratuhas been Publisher of Sick Puppy Comix , Atomiser, and now Blackguard. Loves to review both comix and zines.

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