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Friday, April 16, 2010

New Zines Up!

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Ms Valerie Park Distro on 3/29/10
A few new ones up...
Loose Lips Sink Ships (Zine) ($2)- In Loose Lips, Ms May delves into the dangerous territory of the make-out zine; a genre that gets a lot of flack, yes, (and usually rightfully so), but this, like all her zines, is done really well and focused in a way that changes it into something else entirely. A short description for each of the sixty-nine different people she has kissed- in part as an exercise in remembrance, in part an escape from residual Christian guilt, and a memoir of dealing with body image/self image. It's also occasionally kinda hot.
Nadar (Zine) ($1)- This beautifully-made, short zine from Sarah May (These Here Are Crazy Times) is about being a swimming coach. Over-involved parents who flip, ruminations on jobs, boundaries, swim meets.
Shortandqueer #8 (Zine) ($2)- This issue starts about comfronting pronoun mistakes within the trans community and gives a great defense for why gender fluidity should exist, but pronoun preferences should always be respected. The rest unfolds in journal entries and letters and is the story of figuring out gender presentation in adulthood. For me, this read like a suspense novel- I wanted to know what would happen next, how would he deal with a world that's uncomfortable with gender changes, how will his family react? I think this serves as a pretty important story, as, in a certain way, I think it can speak to people at all levels of understanding/dealing/allying with trans issues.
Shortandqueer #10 (Zine) ($2)- Subtitled "The Reawakening of My Baseball Fandom," this issue hooked me. A zine about baseball?!? I'd never seen such a thing. Little known fact: baseball was my life for the majority of my pre-teen years. While reading this, my long-dead baseball fandom was also reawakened; it was great. But this zine is also about more than just baseball. It's about growing up not doing what is expected of your assigned gender. It's about rediscovering a relationship with his dad through sports. It's about having access to "dude centered spaces" through baseball fandom and the mixed feelings that brings up. It's also got an insert called "Prejudice in Baseball," which is a paper he wrote in 8th grade about the Negro Leagues, which has quotes from former Negro League players he'd made friends with as a kid. Highly recommended.
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