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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frothy 3 and Undestructable 1/2


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via Reclusive Reviews by Persephone Pomegranate on 3/5/10

It's probably not obvious from the title but this is a review of one zine doubly named Frothy #3 and Undestructable #1/2, because it's a transition issue.

After two issues of Frothy, Hannah decided to change the name of the zine to Undestructable and implemented an extremely innovative way to transition from one zine title/direction to another.

Frothy 3 and Undestructable 1/2 is the story behind Hannah's reason for changing the name where she talks about her love of Gogol Bordello and explains her reasons for choosing their song Undestructable for the new name of her perzine.

I really enjoyed reading her reasons for the renaming, she's got a great personal writing style and I can't wait for the first official issue of Undestructable.

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