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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shelf Life #2 - Adventures in used book hunting

Shelf Life #2 - Adventures in used book hunting
44 pages, digest
Card stock cover
$7 U.S. (delivered)

This zine is for bibliophiles. Written in a friendly travelogue style, Annie and Tim chronicle their adventures searching for used books, reviewing in detail used bookstores, library sales, etc.

Promo copy: "This issue is jam-packed with stories of shelf-combing galore. In "The Pleasures and Perils of the Book Sale" we introduce you to the weird, wonderful world of library book sales and the sometimes fierce competition that can be found there. In "Bibliophiles in Beach Read Country" we tell a tale of jonesin' for better book stores while on vacation in Chincoteague, Virginia. We review a number of stores and sales in Westchester, NY and Fairfield county, CT and describe our favorite finds there. Plus, our experience at one store leads to a meditation on compulsive hoarding. Our "foreign correspondent" Patti Moore (Tim's mom) reports from Venice, Italy on "The Most Interesting Bookstore in the World." And lastly, we share our thoughts on Greg Farrell's graphic novel "On the Books," an account of labor organizing at the Strand Bookstore in NYC... Lots of original photographs and illustrations."

Shelf Life is well written, lovingly crafted, and a lot of zine for the money assuming you are the target audience.

My younger (life is one long road trip) self would have loved this. My grumpy old (stay home and take a nap) self wasn't overly interested. My favorite part was about the people who have no love or appreciation for the books themselves, who come to sales armed with scanners, looking for stuff they can resell on Ebay for a profit.

While I think this is of value to bibliophiles, it has a more limited general appeal. If I was on a long trip I'd rather have three $2 perzines to read.



Review by Jack Cheiky

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