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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Brainbug #3 - the Rock and Roll Issue

Brainbug #3 - the rock and roll issue
36 pages, magazine size
slick, full color, professionally produced
$12.50 delivered

Brainbug is an illustrated science magazine for kids. It is professionally produced and has a bar code, but it's 100% zine in spirit, and lovingly made by Olivia Knowles, Jesse Warner, and their cohorts.

This issue has some super heroes, The Super Foods, a late night talk show about bugs, Culture Vultures, Ants & Snails, Digging for Dinos, Tips on How to Rock!, Sushi, and so much more.. all in comic form.

I read it from cover to cover and was never bored. It also comes with a lapel button and a Brainbug trading card printed on canvas, (tucked into a pocket on the inside front cover.)

Simply a treasure you'll want to hold on to forever. Buy it. Buy several.

I can't wait to read #4 - the Space issue

Check out their web stuff...

Review by Jack Cheiky

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