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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Gaysi Zine – Issue 3

The Gaysi Zine – Issue 3

120 pages. 21cm x 25 cm.

Rs. 150 + Rs. 30 for delivery charges pan India. (See below for overseas order details)

I've been stuck for a way to do this zine justice in a short review. Gaysi Zine is an extremely well put together collection of short stories, poems, and texts that defy neat categorisation, coupled with a diverse array of illustration, photography, and art. The visual imagery takes a delight in the handmade, in the hand drawn, and the handwritten, all of which gives the writing an extra element of intimacy. So much so that it often feels we are being let in on a secret. 

It is that sharing of personal experience that I love in zines, and how - no matter how far outside my own limited range of experience - it allows you to connect with a stranger in a profound way. That is how I felt reading this issue of Gayzi Zine. Many of the themes surround trust, intimacy, and honesty - all dealt with wit and intelligence. 

The work in Gayzi Zine reaches out beyond the queer scene in Delhi and will connect with you wherever you are. There is so much to explore, that all I can suggest is order a copy and wait with anticipation for a thud through your letterbox. 

For ordering information visit: instamojo.com/GaysiFamily/the-gaysi-zine-edition-3

Check out Gaysi on the web here: Gaysifamily.com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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