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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Crow Town

Crow Town - Drew Forrest Hoad

A5, 28 photocopied pages on 80gsm acid free Fabriano paper. Hand sewn binding.
Edition of 50. Published by Ladette Space, edited by Daniella Valz Gen.


It bodes well when the first page of anything quotes Charles Fort, obessive collector of the obscure, the unusual and the unexplained, free-wheeling absurdist writer with a healthy resistance to dogma in any form.

Drew picks up this mantle with Crow Town - a psychogeographical exploration of psychic, mystical, mythic, proto-historic connections and deviances - combined with personal and literary coincidences - to create a map of an unseen, unsuspected, occultic magick London. Drawing heavily on the work by luminaries of alternative history such as Iain Sinclair, and the maverick work of Stan Gooch Crow Town leaps through definitions and meanings of place names - a fictional and actual etymological analysis of name and space. 

It is an interesting if at times dense read, it feels like to get the most from it you need to disconnect the rational and embrace the supra-natural aspects of the brain. 

Review by Nathan Penlington

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