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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks


Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks - Raechel Leigh Carter

6 x 9 inches. 46 pages. 
Edition of 100, published by Tinynoggin. 

Morrissey - everyone knows who Morrissey is right? Miserable. Daffodils. The Smiths. Songs like This charming man and Heaven knows I'm miserable now. But that’s where my knowledge of him ends, and I guess it does for the majority of people who know him only through his music. 

In 2013 Morrisey published his autobiography, matter of factly titled Autobiography. Unfortunately the book is more of a hinder than a help to a greater understanding of his life. Thankfully, Rachel Leigh Carter has stepped in to bridge that knowledge gap. Morrissey: Misery in Bitesize Chunks is an adaptation of a blog that was started to help people who were struggling through the 480 pages of his life story. 

“Anyone who has read (or tried to read) Autobiography by Morrisey knows it’s not the easiest of reads. It took me well over a week to read 130 pages and I knew other people who struggled with it too. So I thought I should do the world a service and read it on behalf of those who couldn’t manage it but wanted to get the nub and the gist of the whole brouhaha”. 

Illustrated by nicely drawn pen and ink images of Morrissey through the years. It is perfect for fans of Morrissey or the favourite miserablist in your life. 

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Review by Nathan Penlington

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