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Thursday, August 6, 2015

a few mini reviews for a heat wave

a few mini reviews for a heat wave

Bookin' It DIY by Allysa G
a responsible guide$4.00 /14 pages/ Half size

Time to dip into my recent archives & write a few reviews. July heat has been intense; not weather that is conducive to reading (unless maybe you're stretched out beneath a tree in a hammock). These zines, however, are perfect for a breezy summer read. 

DIY type zines tend to be my favorite genre. If you're interested in booking bands and musicians, Bookin' It DIY will get you pointed in the right direction with clear, useful information. Folks playing music for one another is a complete joy & a way to stave off the tyranny of the music "industry". WHat better time for a concert under the stars than Summer?

How to Send a Letter is a fun mini-zine that reminds us there are a million ways to send a letter. Or ... you can just send one! I found this one on etsy.  

Another mini-zine treasure I found on etsy not too long ago is Gatherer: A Pocket Foraging Handbook by Isabella Rotman. Mother Earth created everything we need for our survival. One doesn't need a PhD in botany to learn how to feed yourself in the woods and fields.  Gatherer: A Pocket Foraging Handbook is a beautifully lettered and illustrated guide to common wild foods: wild leeks, dandelions, fiddleheads & more. Concise, yet packed with useful tips and a brisk, enjoyable zine. 

When all else fails during a heat wave you can enjoy a nice cool ... ginger beer! Annie Soga has written and illustrated a fantastic field guide to ginger ales, packed with historical info and beverage reviews. Lots of love (and tasting) went into this zine - gorgeously printed and presented; if I weren't on a self-imposed nutrition plan, I would be sipping some Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale right now (which wasn't reviewed in this zine.) 

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