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Friday, January 28, 2011

Zine Showcase #6 by Sophie

Zine Showcase #6

OWT Creative
Website // Blog
Reality // £5 + shipping

OWT Creative is a Manchester based design collective consisting of five contributing members, which produces monthly zines with alternating themes. Reality (Issue #3) features all five original artists plus twelve guest contributors expressing their interpretation of the word 'reality'. This zine shows just how collaborations should be done; there is a healthy mix of written word, illustration and photography, pushing the boundaries of understanding and meanings of the word 'reality'.

Faye Moorhouse
Website // Shop
Three Very Gruesome Love Stories // $5 + shipping

These gruesomely charming illustrated zines by Faye Moorhouse are based on the true life events of three murders; printed on unbleached sugar paper, coloured and bound by hand and packaged in a printed manilla envelope - they are simply marvellous. I adore everything from the illustration style to the presentation, simplistic and effective on all accounts. Gruesome, intriguing and really rather endearing; these will be a treasured edition to my zine collection.

Rhonda Stewart
When Acupuncurists Go Mad // $4 + shipping
Banjo Chronicles // $4 + shipping
I'm Over There (drawings, etc.) // $4 + shipping
I'm Over There #2 // $4 + shipping

I initially contacted Rhonda Stewart to request a copy of Banjo Chronicles, instead I ended up receiving four zines! Rhonda Stewart's style is broad and I particularly enjoyed the gorgeous illustrations in both I'm Over There #2 and I'm Over There (drawings, etc.). My father, an avid banjo player and frequenter of bluegrass festivals, found Banjo Chronicles to be an extremely good source of amusement when I shared it with him.

Holly Leonadson
Blog // Shop
Don't Treat On Me // $4

A delightful little 16 page zine about what should not be stepped on; adorable minimalist illustrations with simple text accompanied by a lovely sense of humour.

Alex Wrekk
Website // Shop
Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 // $6 + shipping

A 144 page DIY zine guide printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled paper and bound with animal free glue.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 is an exhaustive DIY resource, invaluable to anyone interested in zine culture; featuring detailed how-to guides, the traditions of zine making, resource lists, zine events, promotional advice and information about distros and zine libraries. I cannot recommend Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2 enough, whether you are simply interested in the culture or would like to start making zines yourself, you will find everything you ever needed to know inside this wonderful zine reference book. For those already accustomed to zine culture there is still plenty of helpful advice.

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