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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sophie's Zine Showcase #3

Zine Showcase #3

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Pardon Me But What Pickup Line Works Best For You // $3 + shipping

This is a fantastic quarter sized zine featuring twenty-two illustrations of the most ridiculous pickup lines; Alyssa has the most wonderful sense of humour. 'Pardon Me But What Pickup Line Works Best For You' had me smiling and laughing out loud - "If you were a laser you would be set on stunning." This is a definite favourite in my collection and I would absolutely recommend purchasing it. However, I do wonder whether any of them actually work..

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The Little Tea Zine // $5.00 + shipping

A limited print run of a 40 page zine all about tea featuring recipes, stories, reviews and craft ideas. Tea lovers will adore this thoroughly enjoyable collaborative zine. Suggestions for infusing your own tea with fruit or spices, the reviews of various blends along with the a brief history of tea drinking itself is particularly interesting. For anybody who enjoys a lovely cup of tea I would highly recommend taking a look at this wonderful little zine.

Gemma Correll
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Treasures of Sky Mall // £3.50 + shipping

In her own words Gemma Correll has attempted to convey the feeling of joy and relaxation she gets from visiting Sky Mall in this 12 page, black and white zine. If you don't know who Gemma Correll is by now.. where have you been? Gemma's distinct illustrative style infused with a light-hearted humour is a winning combination. Peruse these baffling items and laugh at their utter uselessness.

Maxime Francout & Café Royal
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Hello / Goodbye // Sold Out

A black and white, 24 page zine limited to fifty copies featuring a blend of photography and illustrative work. A source of inspiration if you have a passion for hand drawn patterns, geometric shapes and an appreciation of skateboarding.

Adrian Curcher
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Gig Etiquette

I received this zine in a trade at The London Zine Symposium from Adrian himself and it quickly became very popular amongst my (at the time) small collection of zines. I love everything about it from the "do's and don't's" etiquette advice to the collage style imagery - I really do think it is fantastic

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