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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sophie's Zine Showcase #2

Zine Showcase #2

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Strange Attractor // $3.50 + shipping
Legende // $1.50 + shipping

Brooke's zines are amazing; her mini accordion art books are beautiful. Whether inspired by her boyfriend's science textbooks, a parisian road atlas or thrift store finds they are crafted so wonderfully I cannot help but fall in love with them.

Tumblr // Shop
Young Adventurer's Guide to Inanimate Creatures // Out of Stock

Born from a love of inanimate objects, the thought that perhaps they lead secret lives when nobody is looking and the inspiration from watching Canadian television shorts.

Squid Cuddles Inc.
Safe Places // Out of Stock

Fantastic ethereal imagery.

Julia Pott
Website // Shop
I'll Go Where You Go // £12 + shipping

This A5 full colour zine is based on relationships, break ups and "get-back-togethers".

Dan Kress
Blog // Shop
Memento Mori // $6.00 + shipping

A 32 page, staple bound, hand numbered edition of only 40 with a gorgeous gold screen printed cover featuring macabre drawings. Having a curious fascination with death and finding imagery surrounding the subject irresistible, this zine quickly won me over with its dark subject matter.

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