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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

call to artists

welcome to bairfaystbooks ... this blog has been set up to showcase artist books as well as to host book-related postcards or photographs from around the world. if you have a bookshelf, access to a library/favourite bookstore, or are reading a great book ... send me a jpg and it will be posted. take a photo in the library ... take a photo of anything related to books and jpg me ... if you are a book artist and would like to pARTicipate in an upcoming exhibit of artist books in the Kootenay Region [and possibly elsewhere] ... send me a book ... send me a page to be inserted INTO an artist book - you can send me any black and white art by email for inclusion in an artist book [sorry no colour]. any items received by mail and/or incorporated into upcoming artist books will be included here and in the exhibit [2011] - more details on the exhibit to follow ... thanks for stopping by ... this blog will grow and you will be INspired!

If you would like to pARTicipate, send artist books, pages to be inserted into artist books, photographs, etc. to:

Unit 7 - 1735 Riverside Avenue
Trail, B.C. Canada V1R 3Z3

or email: gahlil2006@hotmail.com

When the artist is alive in any person,
whatever his kind of work may be, he
becomes an inventive, searching, daring,
self-expressive creature. He becomes
interesting to other people. He disturbs,
upsets, enlightens and opens ways for a
better understanding. Where those who are
not artists are trying to close the book, he
opens it and shows there are still more
pages possible.

- Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

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