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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up Until Now

Zine Showcase #5

Up Until Now #1 // £1.50 + shipping
Up Until Now #2 // £1.50 + shipping
Up Until Now #3 // £1.50 + shipping
Up Until Now #4 // £1.50 + shipping
Up Until Now #5 // £1.50 + shipping
Up Until Now #6 // Available Soon

If you'd like to buy them all you can do so for a discounted price;
you'll get the complete series including a few little extras.

Up Until Now #1 - #6 // £7.50
(UK-residents only)
Up Until Now #1 - #6 // £10

Whilst awaiting the arrival of several zines I'm taking a break from the usual reviews so that I might share with you my own latest editions. Is this cheating? I'm not entirely sure!

Up Until Now is a series of zines featuring my written work from January 2009 to December 2010; there are six* 24 page zines in total, hand stitched, printed in black and white and each one sold comes with an original drawing.

They are the most basic of zines, I have not added anything to them at all. I wanted a tangible, physical copy to read through and for others to share. They were originally written in small Moleskine cahier notebooks; I didn't want to alter them, they were never intended to be made into zines let alone read by so many people. Since they proved to be so popular I wanted to keep them as they were written, so here they are.

There is a little something more substantial on its way although I am going to keep that a secret for a little while longer..

* #6 will be available very soon!

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