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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazer Artzine #14

from Blackguard

60 pages, digest size, www.lazerartzine.com
This one also arrived along with Kuti (review below) thanks to my comix pal Kapreles. He writes, 'this is a Belgian zine (from the French-speaking part) and the weird thing is, it's supported by the French/Belgian Community... weird for a zine'. Well, not so surprising to me - Europe and Scandinavia seem to be far more progressive and broadminded in art than most other countries.
Anyway, Lazer Artzine is an anthology chock full of drawings grotesque, abstract, primitive, bizarre. It's all very appealing!
Another thing that caught my eye, one of the contributors, Andre Lemos (Portugal) has a blog, www.opuntia-syndrome.blogspot.com - Opuntia! It's only the second time I've come across that word. I'll bet that Dale Speirs (Opuntia zine) will be interested to know this. (Actually, no, I won't bet that...)

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