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Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Reviews by Sophie / Oh My Clumsy Heart

Zine Showcase 1#

I wanted to add a little something extra to the blog; I have recently purchased some amazing zines and thought I would share my little discoveries with you.

minifanfan zine

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Better Together // $10 + shipping

Minifanfan's first A5 sized zine is printed in full colour and features 16 pages inspired by Jack Johnson (apparently). I am a MASSIVE fan of Minifanfan, I simply cannot get enough of her absolutely wonderful illustrations.

Sarah McNeil
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Stastictical Analysis... // $4.00 + shipping

A zine filled with with various graphs depicting "things that happen but don't matter" (and everything else, of course). In each copy there is a unique graph hand-drawn specifically for that zine only.

L'employé du Moi
Appendix // Free!

Special thanks to Olive for sending me this copy.

This free newspaper is a compilation of short stories by a selection of authors, chronicling the last decade. It has been quite a while since I even attempted to read French (I do wish I'd kept my up my French language skills) so reading through this is slow (and rather hard) work for me.. Regardless the stories are lovely and the illustrations are wonderful; well worth a read.. if you can manage to get your hands on a copy that is!

Abigail Nottingham
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Tone #4 // 99p

A collaboration zine from the art students of Hull featuring themed artwork; created and edited by Abigail Nottingham. Issue four's theme is "characters" and in particular the work of James Fenwick really appealed to me.

Beverly Ealdama
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A Million City Lights // $1.75 + shipping

A hand-stitched, 12 page, full colour mini-zine filled with hand-drawn typography and patterns.

If you have made a zine (or know of an incredible one I simply must own!) and you would like to see it featured, I'm welcoming submissions - e-mail me and/or leave a comment. Anyone who submits a zine will receive a little something in return as a thank you ♥

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