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Monday, January 17, 2011

Zine Showcase #4 (reviews) by Sophie

Zine Showcase #4

Gareth Brookes
Website // Blog
The Smell Of The Wild // £1.50 + shipping

This 16 page, black and white book with a hand stencilled front cover poetically describes the beauty of the English countryside alongside stunning illustrations. Gareth Brookes was the winner of Best Overall Book with this entry into the Aberfeldy Artist Book Festival in 2008.

Lucia Quevedo
What Would I Do Without You

Lucia Quevedo's work intrigues me; she "looks into the role of adaptation with a constant interest to integrate within it, believing this applies to everything including humans and their possessions". Familiar objects feature heavily within Lucia Quevedo's work and 'What Would I Do Without You' perfectly demonstrates this approach. The interest in familiar possessions is they exist for a specific reason, at some point they have been "justified to be made for an individual use that has been witnessed as important and necessary." To me this zine is perfect; the simple lines and minimalistic approach speaks volumes.

Chris Piascik
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Typostruction // £5 + shipping

Chris Piascik reigns supreme when it comes to fun, boisterous typography; this self-published zine from, Print Brigade, contains twenty five drawings on neon paper bright enough to damage your sight. Fantastic, enthusiastic and playful, Chris Piascik's typography skills are devilishly good. Lucky for me I get to work with him thanks to the wonderful Peculiar Bliss collaboration.

Erd Yakingun
Website // Blog // Shop
Shoreditch Misery // Limited Quantity

With more than a nod of recognition to Channel 4's Nathan Barley, this gorgeously packaged giclée printed zine with acetate cover deals with the misery of East End life in a heavily satirical, tongue-in-cheek manner. It takes a light-hearted stab at the current trends of London living and will have you laughing and cringing in equal measures.

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Minutiae #1 // $3.00 + shipping

This is the first zine in a series about the details of daily life and moments that captured the imagination of Aijung Kim on her arrival in Portland, Oregon. A 20 page, black and white zine printed on recycled paper; the gorgeously intricate, image-heavy content describes beautifully life in Rose City.

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