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Friday, April 2, 2010

Terminal Myriad

The Terminal Myriad by Ryan Vella 36 pages, digest size, PO Box 6, Pleystowe QLD, 4741 grizzleguts@live.com

Somebody else who dropped out of comix for a while and recently dropped back in again is Ryan Vella. The Terminal Myriad is his first comic in four years. The title refers to 'the biggest and baddest game in the galaxy', where every year contestants from all over the universe meet on Earth in a gigantic fight to the death. These battles are all lovingly illustrated, and exquisite gore abounds. What I really liked was how each character that got introduced only managed to stay around for a few panels before they were unceremoniously dispatched by some obnoxious and gory means.

Review by Blackguard

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