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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost Gone!


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Just sold out of a couple things and it just made me realize how many things are almost gone! So I made a list. Most of these are down to their last 1 or 2 copies and are going to be out of print when they're gone. The rest I'm just very unsure how long it will take to get them back in. So, it's yr last chance for most of these! We'll be taking them off as they sell out, so if the links don't work, that's why.

52 Card Pick-Up (Zine) ($2)- an intense memoir of family collapse, being in a Mexican jail for a week, biking up the California coast, and months of perma-sickness.
Adriane Auf Naxos Vol 2 (Zine) ($5)- a comic zine by Julia Gfrorer about how the walking dead has all the ups and downs of being alive.
Apple Shadows (Chapbook) ($3)- the collective experience of trying to make the most out of life and being very unsure how to do it.
Black Tail Dear- Demos (CD) ($5)- similar to the brilliance of PJ Harvey's "White Chalk" album. Somber piano epics.
Funwater Awesome #1 (Zine) ($3)- kind of like a comic parody of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, OH. It even comes with candy.
Golden Boots- Telelog Freedom (Tape) ($4)- eight psychedelic-folk-country (in the best sense of the terms) jams.
Gumar and his Magical Midi Band- ST (CD) ($8)- fun, catchy, electro-dance-pop. The very last copy of this hit first album!
Hecka Ar- Vaux's Swifts (CD) ($5)- experimental spoken word ambient noise. Perhaps some of the most truly original music I've heard.
Ilse Content #6 (Zine) ($2)- porch counseling sessions, the shooting of a friend, the media's exploitation of it (of everything), and finding a way to deal with sexual assault within a
circle of friends
Judas Don't Play That (Zine) ($4)- in comic form, we learn that the true reason Judas betrayed Jesus was because the apostles drank all the beer and stole all of the money out of Judas' wallet to buy weed.
Race Revolt #1 (Zine) ($4)- a large-sized compilation zine dealing with issues of race, activism, gender politics and more.
Sweet Potatoes and Friends (CD) ($8)- a one woman show of hypnotizing vocal layers, percussion, field recordings, and kazoo.
Tenacity #1 (Zine) ($3)- over 30 panels of full-color train graffiti, plus a 8.5" by 13" pull-out.
True Story of Phosphorecents (Handmade Book) ($15)- 1 beautiful handmade book by Sara Lankutis that tells the story of phosphorescents through a seal and the moon.
You Could Look Different (Zine) ($1)- a short zine about body image

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