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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zeen Review: Proletkult #1


via Simon Gray's Web Candy on 5/30/08

PROLETKULT #1 edited by Bryanna Griffin

A6 portrait format w/ B&W skin & guts, I don't know if it's a zeen or a promotional pamphlet. It's numbered like a periodical & looks like it was made w/ a photocopier but most of the contents seem to be promotional materials for a theatre group called Act Now: Theatre for Social Change (who come across as appalling). But in between that are little bits of poetry, prose & horoscopes that seem to be out of kilter w/ the manifesto style statements of the theatre group. There's a very biased review of a Fringe production of '1984' (by supporting organisation Urban Myth Theatre of Youth) & a statement about Chinese human rights issues that seems lifted from an Amnesty International letter. There was once this faux zeen being dropped about Adelaide called 'Syrup' which was just promo materials for the nightclub Sugar pretending to be this hip street art cultural product, it was a shameful travesty. I guess I wanna see a 'Proletkult' #2 before I write it off as the same, but #1 brings it very close to the edge of 'Syrup'. Contact: editor at actnowtheatre dot org dot au


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