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Monday, June 2, 2008

Many Moons Pass

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Once again it's been too long. I have this list I keep of things that I should write here when I get the chance to write here. I can't find that list. So here's a few things off the top of my head that have happened recently. We're expecting the arrival of Café Royal Junior on September 25th. Oscar will be our first baby and first Junior Director of Café Royal! We'll keep you posted.

More news. Lab101 in LA are now stocking our books. Gallery Anno Domini in San Jose CA also.

We have a few publications at the printers. They're due for release in roughly four weeks. I have a 24 page full colour sketchbook zine due for release and our next issue is also imminent. The next issue comes in four parts. One black and white, containing all the contributors to this issue. Then there are three full colour issues containing 4 / 5 artists each. Here are the covers to keep you going.

We are, as ever, proud and very grateful to be working with the following artists on this issue:

Camilla Engman, Mark Todd,Gary Baseman, 1911, John Casey, Marina Rees, Thomas Mazzarella, James Kauffmann, Matthew Brown, Mitch Blunt, Jason McLean, Gabriel Shaffer.

Thanks to Eva at ModArt for the write up their blog and future write up in their mag. Great mag, buy a copy! Thanks also to Joni at ISM magazine in the States for the interview.

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