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Sunday, June 15, 2008

hoopla #2!

via Radical Cross Stitch by kakariki on 6/9/08

This is the project that has been sitting on my to-do list the longest this year, and it's finally done!

The long-awaited second issue of hoopla is finally here featuring all things radically crafty.

Contents include
Fence Stitching
Melbourne Craft Cartel
Addington Women's Revolutionary Craft Circle
No Spend Craft Month
Wild Earth Quilt Project
Two cross stitch patterns and a crochet pattern
plus more writing, pictures and fun!

Brought to you by radicalcrossstitch.com hoopla is a collection of political, crafty inspiration. Pictures and rants all tied up with string.

You can buy your very own copy at the radical rags etsy store.

And the best bit is that I've already got content for issue #3 which I'm thinking will be sometime near the end of the year.

Thanks a million to all the awesome people who helped bring this one together!

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