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Monday, June 2, 2008

noise grind core zines

via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 5/12/08

Some of the emails I get are so funny. Like, why don't you get a URL? Well, have you tried www.punksishippies.com? I also get people asking why all the links have expired, well that's a outright lie: sure, 10 zines out of some +200 zines posted here needs to be uploaded, but since noone is asking for it I though I might as well wait until the new website is ready.

Until then, here's a bunch of GRIND & NOISE zines that I found posted at some forum. I am sure the original uploader won't mind. Sorry for the duplication in some of the links below.

LINK 1: Chaotic Noise #3, Destroy The World #5, and Mutilated Carcass #4.


LINK 3: PHALLIC ENDOPURULENCE fanzine issues 1-3 ["Mike Duncan's old fanzine from the early 90's. Scanned from the original master pages.']

LINK 4: Chaotic Noise #3, Nyktofobia #7, Savannatarashi #1, Sister King Kong #3 + stuff from Mutilated Carcass #3 and Scab Mag #3

Thanks, please remember to leave a comment here or in the messageboard. Or else I might as well start posting my own DIY homemade hard core porno fanzines...

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