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Thursday, June 12, 2008

So What No. 2

via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 5/27/08

This is made by some dude called Andy who lived in Uxbridge, a suburban wasteland just west of London (today it is part of London proper). I actually worked in Uxbridge for almost a year and a half, commuting there everyday and being so desperately bored I started doing my other blog at Only In It For The Music. But that was in 2005. This zine comes from 1982 and it's got interviews with Newtown Neurotics and Stiff Little fingers. Not exactly my cup of musical tea, that's for sure. But my personal taste is obviously irrelevant here. This is all about pleasing you douche bags who don't leave enough comments, contribute und zu wieter. Actually, there's good intelligent writing throughout this zine and as you will see on cover there's also reviews which may be of interest to most people...

So What No. 2 UK 1982

Also, for the people who wonder how long it actually takes to scan a fanzine I say this: please note the time of publishing the previous post and the time of publishing this post. Both posts were published back to back and the time between them includes scanning zine (perhaps 15 minutes max) retouching or resizing scans, moving to folder, archiving (5 minutes), uploading to Mediafire (which took perhaps 5 minutes), and finally writing this text (20 seconds lol).

Now you do it.

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