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Friday, June 6, 2008

Zeen Review: Erinsborough Exploits #19

via Simon Gray's Web Candy on 5/16/08


'Neighbours' like other soap operas has some passing interest for general light entertainment seekers, but other viewers will latch on to the serial drama with fanatic devotion. 'Erinsborough Exploits' is the byproduct of that devotion. Perhaps not content with the 'Neighbours' new available in 'TV Week' & online, 'Erinsborough Exploits' creates its own for a media savvy zeen audience. & Not by traveling too far from the source text. What #19 presents is a series of screen grabs from the show, inclusive of adverts & presented in a sequence with text hand written underneath to form the dialogue. & I'll assume the dialogue is invented to suit the zeen author; taking the 'Neighbours' text & mutating it into something for the fans who want a bit more from the show. Like, discussion of political issues, self referential humour & saying what the audience knows the characters are thinking. Apparently this zeen, like the soap has racked up quite a few issues, the one I encounters being #19, which is a pretty big # for a zeen. I don't know if it's always followed the same format, but it left me curious for back issues. A5 portrait format, black & white guts with a hand made cover. Send $5 concealed in the post to get 5 issues, GPO Box 4201 Melbourne, Victoria, 3001 (That's in Australia for you overseas types).

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