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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #666


via DEATH METAL ETERNAL by noreply@blogger.com (LordZombeast) on 6/24/08
Final issue out January 5th 2000, 78 pages of total Death, interviews with Carnal Feelings (Fra), Fate (Fra), Intervalle Bizarre (Czech), Mental Horror (Bra), Anoxia (Fra), Cyanosis (Usa), Cryptopsy (Can), Nile (Usa), Profanity (Ger), Dichotic (Can), Deranged (Swe), Withered Earth (Usa), Kaamos (Swe), Centurian (Hol) and Christophe Szpajdel, marked the close of a chapter, 5 years of intense Death Metal publication!
You'll never read something like that may it be from the past or in the future, this is my own way: Extreme.
There was a 7th issue in the work but I decided not to release it due to the horrendous delays and lack of time & money , there were also some interviews finished but I just have to reinstall publisher to make them all available again, just a question of time now.
As for reviews you all know where to read 'em now, visit myspace page for that.
Now enjoy this full 'zinography!


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