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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mel Kadel’s zine: Honey Pool

via Ex Libris... by ejgomes on 4/16/08

The first time I saw Mel Kadel's work, it illustrated an ad in Nylon Magazine (maybe you've seen it too). I had no idea who she was, or that the little drawing of the girl with butterflies escaping from her belly was an artist's signature style. I only knew that the drawing caught my eye (I can't remember what kind of company the ad was for, but it was something unexpected like life insurance– but I'm 100% it wasn't life insurance). Her drawing had a memorable style to it and when I came across her drawings months later on art sites like Fecal face, I instantly knew it was her work in the ad.

Fecal face displayed many pages from her new zine Honey Pool, which they gave away to the winner of one of their drawing theme contests. You might be able to claim your own copy at her website (check the hyperlink in the first paragraph above). Most of her work is in ink (though i'm not sure if the color is watercolor, ink, etc) on beautiful, fragile-looking coffee-stained pages. I'm in love with the way she works around the big coffee blots, rings, and other inconsistencies in the stain — they become characters or main features in the illustration (ie the middle pic, right hand-side, the monster was drawn around a coffee blot).

For more on Mel, check out this interview, and her tshirts (!) Fecal face also posted a video tour of her studio with partner (also artist) Travis Millard.

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