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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Huzzah #2


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/14/08

Huzzah #2 / $1 / Half-Sized / 32 Pages / PO Box 1778, North Riverside, IL 60546 / http://www.nerfect.com / Released November 2002 / 

With a style that is a mixture of Scud the Disposable Assassin and The Assassin and the Whiner, Britton creates this sketch-comedy type of comic, with stories typically only lasting a few pages. While the main story of this issue would have to be "A Lesson in Crime", an adventure of Magic Underwear Monkey, is pretty weak, not having much in the way of background or further explanation of the impetus behind some of the characters, the other pieces are more than decent enough to draw the collective quality of the zine more than above-average. While some of the pieces have slight differences in the style in which they are rendered, the simple fact is that all of the pieces are immediately recognizable as Britton's own creations. What is pretty cool is that Britton is able to go and have a two-color front and back cover, without having to enlist the aid of any advertisers, which seems to me to denote a readership able to support large printing costs. Most of the shorter comics, especially "How Gigantic Robot Got His Groove Back", are pretty much just events leading up to one big twist of irony or a joke – for example, during the aforementioned piece, all the events that happen up until the end are just leading up for the departure of the robot. Some other pieces, such as "Chicken Noises", utterly fall on their face, with their humor lying in some far-off galaxy that normal humans can't even access. "Chicken Noises", to use a simile, is like the written version of Sports Night. A decent comic zine, but could use some refinement on the joke selection.

Rating : 5.8/10


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