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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Issue 6 of PULSE ZINE!!!

via The Feminist Pulse on 4/6/08

Hey Everyone,

Most of you know I write the zine Pulse, which I describe as "a zine about life, feminism and learning to love yourself." I just finished issue 6 of the zine and it's now available for 2.00 a copy, which includes shipping, via paypal or sending cash to my address.

Features of this issue include:

an article on the sexual abuse I suffered

a piece I posted on here about the gender of group fitness

an interview with Rachel who writes the site the-f-word.org

a rant called body backlash about what happens when society doesn't accept your body

a DIY guide to creating a zine which I wrote for the DIY section of Girlistic

"what i love about me" responses from readers on what they love about themselves

a blog turned article by Lacy D on marriage

and much much more...

Sooo if you are interested in getting a copy please message me on here, email me at littleacorns22@gmail.com or check me out on myspace at myspace.com/pulsezine1 (also linked above). The zine is 2.00 a copy which includes shipping and can be bought via paypal through my myspace page.

This issue is 26 pages, black and white photocopied cut and paste collage style. Get your copy today, the hottest fem zine this spring!

Thank you all for the support!!

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