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Sunday, April 13, 2008

22 nights and 23 days

22 nights and 23 days: Diary of #1J, Drug Study Subject
16 Pages, Chapbook $1 US, $2 Can Mex, $3 other, Trade

Printed in microvision. I had to use a freakin magnifying glass. Readers interested in the subject matter will like it. The wring is not bad, but the story is long and monotonous. The narrator doesn't tell it in a way that will keep the attention and interest of the average reader.

PO Box 1483,
Lawrence KS 66044

22 Nights and 23 Days:
Diary of #1J, Drug Study Subject

Inspired by Guinea Pig Zero, #1J fills this zine with journal documentation of a 3-week long drug study that she participated in. A seasoned drug study subject, #1J confidently takes the reader through the entire process, from finding out about the study and being screened to her days and nights staying at the lab. For anyone who has wondered about those drug study ads in the paper, this should answer most, if not all, questions that may have arisen in your head. It’s interesting reading, if a bit tedious in some parts. But I suppose it was the attention to detail that ultimately convinced me that drug studies are likely not for me. [5.5” x 8.5”, $1 US/$2 CAN/$3 World or SASE w/39 cents postage or a super cool trade, c/o Lawrence ABC, PO Box 1483, Lawrence, KS 66044]

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