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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heartattack #39


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 2/22/08

Heartattack #39 / 80 Pages / Full Sized / PO Box 848, Goleta, CA 93116 / heartattack@ebullition.com / 805-964-6111 / 

Heartattack was one of the first zines that I got my hands on, after Jersey Beat and before Muddle . Slightly thicker than I remember, this issue is literally packed with columns. A very few interviews fill the rest of the pages that aren’t jammed with reviews. This time, we have interviews with End on End, Del Cielo, and Umlout, as well as the crux piece with the editor from Evasion. I hadn’t heard of Evasion before this issue, but I think I’ve actually found a scumbag that’s bigger than I am! No lie! Some of the columns run a little too long, and some of the letters that Heartattack receives seem to be written when the authors wore tore up or completely baked. However, the columns mainly have a political slant to them, more of a note on the country and the time we are living in than about the magazine – 5 years ago, there just weren’t as many people writing about the illegal things we, as a country, were doing. Sure, there were a few individuals who have always liked to keep our eyes open about atrocities, but now it seems like an individual can’t write a column without some mention of the U.S. action in Iraq or buddies that they know that have gotten busted. For your fifty cents, I really have no clue where you can buy something as immersing and deep as Heartattack. Individuals might be thrown off by their hardcore focus, mainly in the reviews, but there is really too much in the way of good stuff to pass up this zine.

Rating : 7.3/10


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