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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get the Strap #2


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 2/19/08

A5/16 pages-$1/trade. Another hard hitting installment from Mike and Jay. Various improvements have been made since the first issue, including a hell of a lot more use of a computer from the first. The cover art is simply great, and these guys are as arrogant as they ever have been, and they also don’t let musical articles stifle their creativity . Most interesting in the magazine is the inclusion of the Road Warriors as the thematic high point of the magazine. The choice of articles in the magazine is a little bit better then in the first issue, showing a progression in this publication. Unfortunately, they seem to be trying to squeeze too much shit into these sixteen pages, in what should be a 20 page magazine. The pictures that livened up the first issue are cut down in the second issue. “When’s Lunch Part II” is a weaker sequel, but all other articles totally blow the content of the first issue out of the water. The piece de resistance of the issue would have to be the “Shitty Jobs” article, which details Mike’s experiences as a Jizzmopper, a position he was only paid $7/hour for. The interview with Carson Daly, written by Jay Pud, catches the humour that the original “When’s Lunch” had. The “response” to what was Lil Bow Wow Like which was “A little sloppy but he served his purpose” is destined to gain some popularity, even if just in zine-markers circles. Another reason why the second issue completely dominates the first one is that the explanation for why they named the zine thusly is finally explained. A very valid viewpoint is explained in “Ben Affleck is not a War Hero” which fights all of the fucks that would change history just for a quick buck, like on “Pearl Harbor” and “Titanic”. Get this magazine, as it is one of the best new ones out there. Contact them at GTS< 243 Sedgewick Ave, Stratford, CT 06615, or email numbtooth@cs.com (Mike) or WSTVandal@cd.com (Jay)

Rating 9.0/10


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