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Friday, March 14, 2008

Get Off My Lawn! #18


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 2/17/08

Get Off My Lawn! #18 36 pages/half-size. This is of the picture,text school of zine making, and as a result, maintains the clarity of text, since they don’t embed their text in a picture. This magazine is great, and after going to their site, I come to this review with a heavy heart. Yes, I would think I should report that this awesome magazine is coming to an end the issue after this one. Right off the bat, there is a true innovation in the inclusion of a choose your own adventure game, which is great, except for the shortness. GOML is another zine that doesn’t usually properly mark the articles with the writers, but again, it isn’t a major deal, as all of the pieces are top-notch. “Laugh At Metallica”, the most misnomed article I’ve ever read, is one of the most shocking pieces I’ve ever read, in which the well-connected, comfortable idea of zinemakers that I’ve grown used to in the last group of zines I’ve review is shattered. Real life is injected in the piece, moving out of the little biodome that surrounds much of the show-hopping, school-attending life of the archetypal zinester. I fit in with this group of zinesters, so the idea of a sixteen-year old moving out of her parents’ house shocked the hell out of me. In the most extreme 180 ever, a light piece, by the same person, talks about a family vacation that is mainly about her being shut out of places for only being 20. On the opposite end of the spectra from the extremely gritty piece mentioned earlier, is the quick-witted and quick-read piece about (and I assume this) Jesska’s issues with her mouth. Much like one of my earliest issues, a black page is included for ones enjoyment. The last forth of the zine moves from the style of perzine to a more conventional style, including an interview, reviews, and a very simple, but funny comic. Please go out and buy a copy of this zine before it goes the way of the buffalo. Their website is at http://www.angelfire.com/zine/getoffmylawn. , or you can send them $1 and 3 stamps at:
PMB 141,
7107 S. Yale,
Tulsa, OK 74136.

Rating 8.8/10


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