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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glendale Boulevard-Issue 5


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 2/21/08

Glendale Boulevard-Issue 5.

Wow, five issues in, from the former writer for my old rag, Amish Drive By. As the years pass, the friendship that we once shared has become a chilly acquaintanceship, not enough to deter my review. Like many of the better zines out in the world today, Glendale Boulevard heavily uses pictures to break up the tedium of an all-text magazine. The half-size format condenses the magazine to a point that while it is small, it still is an awesome read. The poetry in the magazine is near top-rate, without the juvenile scene bashing found in many of the High School Age zines that for the most part degrade the whole zine scene. However, as few odd layout styles straddle the line between great and mediocre, such as the scan job of a page obviously from someone’s notebook. The article, a certain “Do You Ever Wonder” , by Zach Wendell, brings up some interesting points. An catchy diary-style piece written by the editor, entitled “I am Punk Rock” is the typical excellent level of Nina’s writing. “The Wonders of Stereotyping” is a great cartoon, but one wonders if it shouldn’t be longer. The 5 page opus that is “Self”, a story by Kimberly Jacobsen, is definitely a piece one should read if they are ever lucky enough to pick up this humdinger. Send $1? To Nina Goldsmith, 67 Cinnamon Cir, Fairport, NY 14450-8952.


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