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Monday, March 3, 2008

Christian * New Age Quarterly: Volume 16, Number 2

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 1/3/08

Christian * New Age Quarterly: Volume 16, Number 2 / $3.50 / :30 / 20M / info@christiannewage.com / http://www.christiannewage.com /

Wow, the premise of this zine is very positive – Christian and New Age individuals getting together to positively enact change and have dialogue. However, when one actually gets into the zine proper, pieces like Catherine Groves’ “A Tale of Two Lenses” rapidly lose readers as the focus changes from the set up (their dog scratches the editor’s eye, causing an hurt retina) as ey goes into dense terminology and a dizzying array of Biblical quotes. I’d like to think that I received a good education at the college I attended, but when Groves says something like “While my “more hopeful lens” would cast the glow of beneficent intentionality upon that inherent pattern, what I actually believe in is a bit more prosaic”. There is some explanation following the discussion, but honestly how many people would be able to twist and turn their way through something like that? The zine may be twenty pagers, but there are only a few different articles beyond the aforementioned theological discussion. A book review spans four pages and really moves beyond review into more of a debate on the points made in the zine, and one honestly will feel that even with all the use of large words, their $3.50 should have bought more in the way of discussion. Perhaps the magazine could pick up a number of pages or change up its monotonous style, but as of right now what started as such a good premise has degenerated into something that is dense and not quite worth its cost.

Rating: 4.6/10

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