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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Free Advice #1


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 2/9/08

Free Advice #1 / :15 / Trade / 28M / freeadvicezine@hotmail.com

Going on a tour all this summer, Christa is collecting submissions and reading from this zine. With a pretty self-explanatory title, this issue is six questions with an average of ten responses from individuals ranging from 8 to 80, with jobs as diverse as professor and graphic designer. Written verbatim from the interviews that Christa collected throughout the compilation of this issue, they do provide minor insights into the questions that ey asks. Graphically, the issue is pretty simple, with the only thing that goes beyond 12 point Times New Roman are the interesting graphics starting off each question. I don’t know exactly what could make this zine better, but I think that Christa putting in eir’s two cents would make yet another viewpoint that individuals could mull over. Otherwise, the zine just feels as if it is a game of scruples, with most individuals answering taciturnly. Still, the amount of work that Christa invested into creating this first issue is admirable, even if Free Advice is nothing more than its title, some questions and some answers. What really makes me feel better about this zine is the desire of Christa to let the zine go as far as possible – ey even says to “please pass this zine on to someone”, instead of hoarding the precious few copies and try to get money off of each issue. Imagine a whole zine full of intelligent, not preaching Anne Landers and Dear Abby’s and one will have the idea of the advice given in this issue.

Rating: 5.2/10


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