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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hanging Like a Hex #17


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/1/08

Hanging Like a Hex #17 ($3.95, 201 Maple Ln., N. Syracuse, NY 13212) First off, this zine is absolutely packed with all sorts of information, whether it be interviews with bloodlet, ted leo, milemaker (isn’t this like the third zine this issue to interview them?), the timeline about the 9-11 events, or the absolutely crazy amount of reviews that Ryan puts in this issue. Looking at the cover of this issue, a piece by Chris Mascotti, and then looking at the title, I was imagining a large-market emo magazine. However, Hanging Like a Hex is much more based into hardcore music, specifically hardcore bands from Syracuse, New York. Syracuse is a recurring topic in this issue, whether it be the editor’s opening reflection on why exactly he stays in Syracuse, or the large interview from local act Bloodlet, and it provides a sense of continuity to the issue, a continuity that often is lacking in many a larger-market magazine. Ryan (the editor) has innovated in the placement of reviews in this zine; instead of having thirty or forty pages in a row just dealing with reviews, he has split them up so that a few pieces and advertisements can take off the tedium confronted by reading page after page of reviews. Other strongly-written pieces in this issue include “Dumpster Diving”, which is a tad low-level but does provide very detailed commentary for those looking for it and Jacob David’s “CIA Go Away”, which is much different stylistically (although not topically) from the other pieces of David’s I have read in the past. A strong magazine, and one that I would have to recommend for any individual, regardless of whether or not they like hardcore music.


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