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Monday, February 14, 2011

Zinester Interview: Sari

Thanks for taking part in this interview. Please start by introducing yourself with your name and location and telling us a wee bit about your current zine projects.

Hey! My name is Sari and I'm originally from Lancaster, PA but am currently located in Baltimore, MD for undergrad in Women's Studies & Sociology. Right now I have two primary zine projects: You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania is a perzine and hoax is a radical feminist compilation zine. YGAFIP has three issues currently out and revolves around the intersection of my point of view on social issues and the innerworkings of my personal life. hoax has four issues currently out and deals with feminism in relation to a different topic each issue. I'm also currently working on starting up a compilation zine called Out Of The Box which pertains to being non-gender conforming or gender variant (genderqueer, androgynous, bigender, trans*, etc.) and how one experiences life, as well as co-editing a vegan cooking zine called Good Luck Changing The World.

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