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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ghostblood #1

32 pages, digest size, by Shaun Craike, scraike81(at)hotmail.com
Shaun's collected a whole bunch of his strips from various comix anthologies, like Phatsville, Blackguard, Gut Fauna, and Sick Puppy.
Mostly it's real life stuff, like seeing a neighbour run over his son's toys because he doesn't move 'em outta the way fast enough, or a mother snapping in a mall food court after her daughter repeatedly screams for a Happy Meal. Then there's a few strips about attending various metal shows. A really hilarious one where Shaun was in a line outside a venue and a dude is screaming at the door staff who won't let him in because he's too drunk; another about his disgust for violent dancing at hardcore shows.
He admits in his editorial that he's completely addicted to the online Deviant Art community and from what he writes about it, animosity and flame wars are part of the fun. One of his strips in here, 'Cyberwaste', appears to document one of these flame wars, although the text is so tiny it's hard to read, but I could make out insults like, "...fucking cock-muncher fluffer..." and "...you should start giving handjobs to keep your fingers from typing..."
This shit is raw, the way comix should be, f-bombs and c-bombs out the wazoo, sex, nudity, ugliness... But also a hot drawing of a half-naked winged anime cutie pie! What else do you need?
Shaun's stuff rocks. I say get it.

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