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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Losers Weepers #2

Losers Weepers #2 by J.T. Yost
7" x 7 1/4", 36 pages, $5.00
Colored Recycled Cover with B&W interior

The idea for this comic is to create a fictional story around found letters, notes, and journal entries. This installment involves a Hispanic family with a deadbeat dad (who is now literally dead). The widowed mother is struggling to raise three kids, and the youngest two are having troubles at school. The mom gets called in to meet with the principle to discuss the issues her son and daughter are having. Her day seems to get progressively worse, and ultimately results in her getting thrown into the slammer. The story is well told and well illustrated, and the found items are fun to read, one of which is a letter written in Spanish (with the translation included in the back). The essay attributed to the young girl was entertaining, but the most hilarious found item, in my opinion, was a note chiding someone for parking in the wrong spot. This, and any other J.T. Yost title, is worthy of your dollars.

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