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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shiny (Untitled)

By Pat Barrett

Shiny silver cover! OMG minicomics have finally joined the chromium age of comics! It's impossible to keep in mint condition, what will I do!? Nooooooo....

Really, it's just alumin(i)um foil, and the only major problems it causes me are that I have no idea what this comic is called, and the scan of the cover doesn't really look as shiny as it does in real life.

The comic itself featuers a Captain Kirk style starship captain who's crashed on a planet. He wants to sleep with all the inhabitants, seems more competent than Zapp Brannigan in attempting to contact help, and is a huge jerk. Then capitalism arrives and does bad and evil stuff. The end.

As much as I dislike modern, American capitalism this just fell kind of flat for me. I was hoping the twist (cause you knew there was one coming) would be about the sexual politics/reproductive methods of the aliens. I did like the opening/closing pages showing the planet surrounded by a black background, those looked pretty neat.

(This review was originally published on 365 Zines a Year.)

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