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Monday, February 7, 2011


Forwarding this from a couple of places & friends:

DUDE Magazine to be launched Friday 18th February 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. DUDE is a not for profit, creative resource designed to celebrate positive representation of trans guys and to share skills and knowledge within our wider community. DUDE has been made possible by submissions from a wide span of people across the transmasculine spectrum and endeavours to be diverse in its understanding of gender, sexuality, desire and masculinity.

The launch will be held at Melbourne’s Hares and Hyenas which is located at 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Launch from 7.30pm, Friday 18th February.

DUDE will be distributed throughout Australia and be available internationally. Please contact ashpike AT riseup.net for distribution enquiries.

www.dudemagazine.wordpress.com - Editor: Jez - Phone: 0425 539 99 - Email: coltbaxter81 AT gmail.com

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