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Friday, April 15, 2011

Zine Showcase #12

Zine Showcase #12

Sarah May
Go For Broke Collective

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Boy Noose // $2 + shipping

"I've strung myself up on a number of boys.. I wish that I could say that I've learned something from all of this, but I haven't so much.. I still think that a boy can rescue me from my worst thoughts."

Boy Noose makes for one of the best zines I have had the privilege of reading. Sarah May describes her relationships and break-ups in their entirety; honest, open and utterly unflinching. Beautifully written with gorgeous vintage-style illustrations, Boy Noose is a zine I'd absolutely recommend purchasing.

"Those high school boys have left a lasting mark on me. Not just them, but also how it felt to be a teenager."

Kelsey Keaton

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WunderKammer // $3 + shipping

WunderKammer is crafted from a single A4 sheet, cut and folded into a small book featuring illustrations inspired by 'Cabinets of Curiosities'; an encyclopedia collection of objects including natural history, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art and antiquities. Wonderful illustrations presented in a delightful manner, a beautiful little zine!

Jesse Tise

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We Come In Peace // $5 + shipping

A 24 page, black and white zine inspired by the peculiar cover art of science fiction novels and comes with a free Goomblaah vs. Zaarlak mini-comic. We Come In Peace is all about aliens vs. robots vs. space men with terribly poor species communication in-between. Everything about this zine is fantastic; the illustration work is awesome - capturing the feel of old sci-fi books perfectly.

Shawn Scott Smith

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His World / Her World #9 Empire Builder // $1 + shipping

Issue #9 in a serious of zines Shawn Scott Smith created with his girlfriend describing their trips. This issue is about a train journey to Seattle stopping at Glacier National Park. A mix of printed text, receipt stubs, maps, clippings and collage style page layouts, His World / Her World makes for a curious insight into this couples travels.

Jamie Mills

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Under the Mountain // £7 + shipping

Not a zine but an absolutely magnificent A5 landscape 16 page mini-book. Printed on uncoated recycled paper, hand-stitched and signed by Jamie Mills himself. Received as part of a swap (I definitely got the better deal here!) I simply had to include this book in the showcase; I am a huge admirer of Mills' work, his art features everything I love: geometric shapes, animals and mountain ranges with staggering beauty. Go take a look at his artwork and then buy something because no doubt you'll adore his work as much as I do.

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