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Thursday, April 21, 2011

e Showcase #13

Kseniya Yarosh

Oh My / Oh No // $5 + shipping

Kseniya Yarosh posted several Craigslist ads in a genuine attempt to meet new people, the resulting e-mail responses have been made into Oh My / Oh No the zine. Fifty plus pages of correspondence ranging from brief encounters and poignant responses to the hilarious and sometimes worrying contacts made. Kseniyaincludes the original advertisements, which in some cases explains the peculiar responses received; alongside which photographs (sensitively censored) are placed. Oh My / Oh No is an insightful zine into the peculiarities of human communication.


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Mythologising Me #2 // £1.50 + shipping

A 36 page, quarter sized, hand sewn zine covering a period of time in Ingrid's life during 2010. I think this zine is simply wonderful; I think perhaps because I can relate so much to Ingrid and especially these particular moments in her life I found this zine a delight to read. Ingrid covers her job (and the one she lost), turning vegan, discussing travel and drinking in a mix of cut-and-paste, hand written and photocopied techniques.

Dennis Pomales

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Courtesy Flush // $3.50 + shipping

A collaborative 32 page, (mostly) colour zine by Dennis Pomales and his girlfriend Hildemar Cruz. Colourful yet with a somewhat eerily hallucinatory feel; Courtesy Flush (with its slightly questionable title) features some eccentric and imaginative work.


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Lost Boy #1 // £1.50 + shipping

60 pages of reviews, skateboarding, interviews, illustration and more; Lost Boy #1 is fantastic. It features some immense skateboarding photography alongside music reviews and interesting articles; there is even a little bit of illustration. This is such a well put together project; being a die-hard illustration zine fan, I have to say I am impressed and would definitely encourage anyone to purchase a copy of this high quality zine.

Lauren Doughty

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Dough // on request

Lauren Doughty's work is so uncommonly phenomenal; everything Lauren draws is magic, her illustrations are so extraordinarily individual. Easily the most colourful zine I own, Dough is short, sweet and thoroughly perfect.

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