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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly News Round-Up!

We have a few lovely bits of news to share with you this week - sorry there isn't more to share at the moment!

1. Zine Event: EGAKU -zine/art fair for Japan
"I'm Peter part of the zine symposium crew and separate to this years event on the 2nd and 3rd of April me and some friends are organising EGAKU - a zine/print/art/etc fair at Jaguarshoes in Shoreditch to raise money for the thousands of people effected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We are trying to get as much donated work as possible to sell at the event and raise as much money as possible. We have a lot of create creative people involved including NoBrow, Okido, Laura Carlin, Jean Jullien, Anorak Magazine and lots more flowing in. We are asking if any of you would donate any zines, prints, bags, books - anything. 100% of the money we make from this event will be donated to Japan. EGAKU means "draw" and "imagine " in Japanese. we hope that we can support Japanese people EGAKU ( imagine) peaceful future by EGAKU (draw)."

For more info on how to submit your work, you can contact Peter at deadtreesanddyeAThotmailDOTcom.

2. Submission Call: Library Love Zine!
Jane is putting together a compilation zine on the theme of library love, and is requesting submissions of any length about why you love libraries, childhood memories of libraries, how libraries have affected your life, or how great your library branch is. The aim of the zine is to present a broad range of reasons why libraries are amazing places and so valuable to everyone, and to stop ill-advised library cuts all over the UK, which now stand at around 600. Submissions must be sent in ASAP, as the 'zine is in progress already and Ian is aiming to publish it in time for the London Zine Symposium (April 17th). For more info or to submit something, you can contact Ian at librariesforsocietyATgmailDOTcom.

3. Submission Call: Girls Rock! UK zine
The London Girls Rock Camp to be held in summer 2011 is hoping to put together a zine ahead of the event. If you've attended, volunteered at or otherwise been involved in a Girls Rock Camp in the past, organiser Kate would love to have your contribution! If you can think of anything related to the theme of teaching and learning music with girls and women you'd like to write, please get in touch. You can visit the Facebook page of Girls Rock! UK for more general information on the project here.

4. Looking for British penpals?
A thread has popped up on We Make Zines dedicated to finding pen pals, started by a British zinester (who Cath writes to regularly, oddly enough!). Are you British and interested in finding a new penpal? Join the conversation here!

We're still figuring out how best to get (and keep) this blog up and running; and as news has been a wee bit slow recently we're going to start posting news round-ups fortnightly rather than weekly (until such a time as we have more news to report). Please continue to send us any news you have and spread the word amongst your zine friends!


(originally written by Hannah, edited by Cath)

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