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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Tread On ME!

Don't Tread on Me
22 pages, digest

From the suit and tie dressed dinosaur on the cover I knew right away whatever lies in these pages would intrigue me. The random comics which act as backgrounds along with the cut and paste style piecing proved to be very artsy. The "Drunken Letters to Abstract Concepts" piece is hilarious. I remember waking up one morning to a "you're welcome" letter from my bottle of Tylenol after a night of heavy drinking.

This zine is comprised of random awesomeness. Between Ratso's new identity for himself created only for his past love which he ran into at a party only to get pathetically denied later to a hand drawn comic involving a one-eyed dog with an owner who loves his hooch, there were laughs in reading this all around. Personally "Ask a Racist" was very comedic to me. But what about us crackers? We can dish it but can't take it? I'd love to see this piece done in the eyes of a minority. Or a response from some. Either way, the typical stereotypes made me laugh. Hopefully people read this with a sense of humor and perhaps a grain of salt.

The fictional excerpt from a day in the life of Harrison Ford. . I couldn't stop laughing. This is a unique zine in many ways and if you enjoy randomness and hearty laughs I most definitely recommend it!

Don't Tread On ME!
1128 West Grace St. Apt. 2
Richmond, VA 23220


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